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Electrical Maintenance Service and Repaires

With a team of professionals, we offer a highly standardised regular electrical maintenance which is vital in keeping the latest standards for every electrical equipment to ensure maximum safety. We ensure that our electricians are regularly trained so as to provide you with the latest innovations and electrical services..

Similarly, we offer repair and maintenance services for industrial companies. We recognise that providing high-end electrical solutions in a professional, safe and suitable manner is crucial to the success of any business. We are distinctively qualified to meet the electrical needs of every customer. With our extensive years of experience, along with our specialty services, we have successfully completed a range of commercial projects for financial intuitions, professional offices, auto dealerships, residential complexes, retail centres as well as technology and manufacturing companies.

Services We Provide in Electrical Maintenance

1. Checking Functions of all MCCBs, MCBs & ELCBs, MDBs

  • Inspects MCCBs, MCBs
  • Pole MCB Installation
  • 3 Phase Changeover Installation.

2. Inverter Installation

  • Single battery system installation.
  • Double battery system installation.
  • Battery distilled water top up.

3. Wiring

  • Internal Wiring.
  • Casing Wiring.
  • Wiring without casing.

4. Appliances

  • Geyser Installation & un-installation.
  • Stabilizer Installation.
  • Switch & Socket
  • Ceiling Fans

Pricing and Plans

Switch & Socket Rs50 (Per switch/socket installation only)
Ceiling Fans Rs250 - 500 Per unit
Bulb & Tube lights Rs25 - 50 per Unit (Installation Only)
MCB & Fuse Rs500 for 3 Phase Changeover Installation.
Rs350 for 2 Pole
Rs550 for 3 Pole
Rs850 for 4 Pole
Inverter Rs350 for single battery system installation.
Rs600 Double battery system installation.
Battery distilled water top up Rs250 per battery
Appliances Rs 400 - 650 Geyser Installation & un-installation.
Rs200 Stabilizer Installation
Wiring Rs250 per 5M Internal Wiring.
Rs350 per 5M Casing Wiring
Rs100 per 5M Wiring without casing


It’s not uncommon for homeowners to immediately spot an electrical issue. Any good handyman will tell you that they can fix it themselves without a problem. Unfortunately, there is a problem. Handymen are not qualified to handle electrical work. Electricians have to undergo years of extensive training and certification processes to obtain his or her license. Sure, a license may seem like a piece of paper, but that paper is something that can save your life.

First, make sure there are not too many appliances plugged into one circuit, as this can overload it. If it’s just one appliance, unplug it and either replace it or call us to repair it. You could also try connecting another appliance to the problematic receptacle.

Yes. Because a ceiling fan is an active load that is heavier than most light fixtures, you need a special mounting box designed for this application. Saddle boxes are usually good for fans up to 35 pounds.

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